Sustainability Initiatives

At WP&B we have taken a holistic approach to sustainability by combining internal and external changes to the way that we do business to help improve the lives of our employees, clients and the community. As we evolve, we look for additional ways to improve the sustainability of our business. The following are some of our initiatives.

Recycled Media

We offer a wide variety of recycled material in both large and small format. We also offer recycled media for resale for all makes of wide format digital printers, and copiers using 3″ cores, and all inkjet printers using 2″ cores.

EnviroBoard vs. Foamcore

We offer an eco-friendly solution to mounting and laminating material. Our EnviroBoard mounting board is made from 67% recycled content post consumer/post industrial material. With our direct to substrate printer we are able to provide a high quality image that is completely recyclable. For mounted prints we can utilize an aqueous adhesive on the board so that the entire board can be safely recycled.

Recycle Unwanted Media Containers & Documents

Our resale media is packaged with recycling in mind. We recycle roll cores, end caps, bags, and empty toner bottles. We will also pickup your old prints and recycle them, free of charge. If you are concerned about the security of your documents we can securely shred and recycle your documents for a nominal fee.

Distributive Printing – Electronic Data Weighs Less Than Roll of Paper

We are part of the ReproMAX network. This network is made up of the leading reprographers throughout the nation. Beyond sharing technology, ReproMAX provides us with locations where we can distribute your printing job and then have it printed locally saving you time and reducing the environmental impact of moving paper. For more information regarding ReproMAX please visit our site at http://repromax.com.

Paperless Invoicing and Statements

Sign up to receive your invoices and statements online and electronically. 

LED Lighting

We have replaced our fluorescent tube lighting in our administrative offices with LED lighting from NCS Power. By installing LED lighting we will effectively cut our lighting energy consumption in half. With our old 34watt fluorescent tube (with ballast) we consumed 4,296 kWh/year. With our new LED 18watt lighting we will consume nearly half as much power at 2,274 kWh/year.

Alternative Transportation Credits

We have an Alternative Transportation Credit program that provides an incentive for our employees to reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing alternative transportation by either driving a hybrid vehicle, biking, walking or riding a bus to work.

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What should the resolution for my image or graphic be?

Resolution should be set at 300 dpi. Image quality is very important in how graphics will reproduce. FYI, Graphics pulled from the internet tend to be 72 dpi and reproduce very poorly. Avoid using those graphics because they will look pixelated when printed. Read More

Do you prefer RGB or CMYK?

If possible, save all graphics in CMYK mode.  RGB do not typically print as true to color as CMYK.... Read More

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